Your New Kitten


Your New Kitten/ Cat from Susens Cats

Susens kittens are home reared with TLC and attention to socialization and health. Even if you do not have other pets, all new kittens should be isolated in a quiet room for 7-30 days depending on your situation.. They need to adjust to being away from their litter mates and familiar situation. You want to make sure they are eating and drinking well, and using the litter box reliably before exposing them to more stress. Kittens often experience soft stools for a day or two just from the move and new water. Use the Probios or another probiotic product to help their stomachs settle in.. Very loose stools,  fever or vomiting need to be seen by your Vet ASAP.


Please do not use plastic dishes – use glass, ceramic or stainless steel. Many cats enjoy drinking fountains and there are all sorts available online and in stores.  Change water daily. Cats fed dry food exclusively need to be encouraged to drink plenty of water. Place the water and food in separate dishes spaced far enough apart that they can’t drop bits of food into the water. Always place the food in a quiet area, and as far away from the litter box as possible. Susens  kitten/ cats are currently eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken and/or Duck. I use BBW Salmon, Cat Greenies and Pill pockets as treats. It’s a good idea to add additional dry foods so they become accustomed to other tastes and textures. A mixture 80% of the original chow and 10-20% something different rarely cause a problem as long as you stick to another grain-free high protein chow. Refer to the enclosed diet sheet for suggestions .There are new high protein products coming on the market all the time.  Always buy premium brands of canned food free of grains like soy, wheat and/or corn. There are websites devoted to raw diets if you want to give that a try. My cats like RadCat raw diets ( Just remember – always switch in increments to avoid upset stomachs.  Powdered Probios (Lactic acid microbial), found at most pet/feed stores, can be sprinkled on the food to ease  minor stomach upsets. Probiotics should always be used during and after any treatment with antibiotics.


 I use scent-free clumping litter – clay or Blue Buffalo Multi cat walnut litter.  Buy a litter box big enough to accommodate a large adult cat. Adult males can easily weight 12-13 pounds and don’t like cramped boxes. Very important that the box be in a quiet spot where the cat can‘t be startled expectantly. If you have to use an enclosed box try to find one with a clear top, that way they can see if something is approaching. Scoop clumps daily, refill as needed, and once a month dispose of all litter, wash and disinfect the box. Dr Elsey’s free booklet “Litter Box Solutions” is full of useful information.  A couple of companionable cats can easily share a large enough litter box. If your house is large, two-story, or has multiple cats, place boxes in different areas to avoid conflicts.


These kittens have been dewormed on a regular basis, and have been treated with Revolution for flea, heartworm and mite control. They are up to date on CORE vaccinations appropriate for their age.  Please review the Vaccination/ Health Log supplied at time of sale, and make sure to take a copy with you the first time you visit your Vet. Do not use any other flea or deworming products until one month after the last Revolution application date on their health log.  Revolution is a prescription product carried by some Vet offices.  Discuss Vaccination protocols with your Vet. The major Vet schools do not recommend vaccinating with Chlamydia or Leukemia except under certain circumstances – such as a cattery situation or showing.


 I use a small slicker brush and a fine toothed comb (not a flea comb). Kittens don’t require much grooming, but it‘s a good idea to accustom them early as it will make your life much easier later on when they are mature. Besides they love being groomed – it feels good. Brush them when they are having a quiet moment on your lap and give a treat afterward. My adult cats beg to be brushed. Short haired cats do not require extensive coat care, but Longhairs require quite a bit more grooming especially as adults. Your kitten has been bathed at least once. For kittens I use tearless baby or cat shampoos. For adults it varies depending on coat type and condition. Show cats must be bathed before each show. Air drying is best for short hairs as long as air temperature is moderately warm – 70 or above.  Brush well before bathing, and not again until they are completely dry. Kittens have had their nails trimmed on a regular basis. I can  show you how.


These kittens have been socialized with my small dog, “Faly”, a Coton de Tulear. This does not mean they will instantly like other dogs, but they should quickly adapt to other cat friendly dogs if you allow them to interact in a non-threatening way.  Playing together or eating treats in the same area are a couple ways to help the introduction. Allow the kitten to approach the dog in its own time rather than forcing them together.


Your best investments! You can never have too many. Cats enjoy looking out windows and sitting in the sun. They love to climb and sit up high, and it’s good exercise. These kittens are use to a variety of scratchers made from sisal rope, cardboard and carpet in all shapes and sizes.  Avoid large carpeted trees as they are hard to keep clean, and opt for natural woods, sisal, and cardboard combinations. Hundreds of options, including wall shelves, are available online from very modern to traditional. If possible place upright sisal scratcher (at least 30 inches tall) close to the litter box. Locate the rest around your house. Mine love all types of cardboard ones. Invest in at least one tall cat tree and put it in or near a window. These kittens are use to having their nails trimmed but scratching is import to cats. Much better to direct it towards a scratcher or tree rather than your furniture. If the cat starts to scratch an inappropriate object shout “no” or make a loud noise to get them to stop, then pick them up and place them next to a scratcher and praise when they use it. Remember positive reinforcement works for cats, but negative punishment like swatting only causes your cat to become afraid of you. A web magazine with lots of interesting cat furniture, toys etc is


Anything can be a cat toy – bottle caps, scrunched up foil, cardboard tubes, boxes, bags, bought toys, even small baby toys. Use your imagination. Just make sure they can’t swallow them. Kittens/cats love Mylar type lures, but never leave them unattended with them, as it can kill them if swallowed.  Mine love anything made from feathers, fur or Mylar, and laser lights. They also like tunnels – big and small. I get out a few toys at a time and let them play for a day or two, put those away and bring out something different. Novelty works. They also play with the dog and of course each other. Nothing beats two kittens playing together for entertainment – except more.

Feel free to call or email me with questions or just to let me know how your kitten is doing. Of course photos are always welcome. I love to see how my kittens mature. If you are interested in learning how to Show your kitten I will be happy to assist you.


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