SuSens Cats has access to a number of very nice males owned by other breeders, and a new male of our own.


Rominet Colargol of Susens – “Col” (imp Canada)

Blue golden shaded (carries chocolate) SR, bred by Sophie Gagnon,  Rominet Selkirk Rex , Quebec, Canada. Owned by Susens

BD: July 2012, blood type A/a

Amazolou Rindy Dink (golden SR) X Hon Franfreluche De La Villa Dell/ID (lilac classic tabby SR).

Col is homozygous for curl. Showing off his golden belly, and trying to blend into my floor

SR - Col July 2014 (2)


“RW SGC Mainefolds Little Bear” – “Little Bear”

Cream British Shorthair, bred and owned by Keith and April Croce of Mainefolds British and Scottish Folds

DOB: 4/2010, B/b blood type
(LA SGC Brit Beauts BlueMoon of Mainefolds (bl BS) X RWK Purrceptive Chantilly of Mainefolds (bl torti BS)

[ pedigree ]

Little Bear

Little Bear is the sire of RW SGC Kitti Kat Balcones Fault aka “Edward” (#1 Cat in Region 2 for 2012-23 and 214) and RWK, RW SCG Kitti Kat Kianite. (Edward is on the right, Kian is kitten)

Kian and Edward

Kian and Edward


RW SGC Lamancha Kokomo of Makinwaves – “Momo”

Chocolate bicolor Selkirk Rex, owned by Diana Starr of MakinWaves Selkirk Rex, and Starrlight Cat show photography

BD: June 2010, blood type A/a, HCM ( 2nd scan) – negative

(LA IW SGC Bangles Terraincognito of KittiKat (brn mactabby SR) x Ch KittiKat Patches of LaMancha (bl/wh BS)

[ pedigree ]

Lamancha Kokomo of Makinwaves "Momo"



Black (may carry chocolate) Selkirk Rex,  bred and owned by Donna MacMillan of Purrceptive British , Selkirks and Scottish Folds

BD: April 2012, Blood type A/b, HCM scan – negative

Catsthyme Art Deco Adam (blk/wh SR) X Ch Purrceptive Smokiki (black smoke BS)

QGC Purrceptive Sninney Bud 2013