Queens – Solange

RW TGRC Susens Sol Dream – “Solange”

Selkirk Rex Longhair, Chocolate

DOB: Dec 27 2012

Blood type A/b, PKD neg, both parents HCM neg in 2014)

QGC LaMancha Kokomo of MakinWaves x Purrceptive Sweet Dream of Susens

Solange is currently co-owned, and living with, Sarah Louise Walker, Boucles Selkirk Rex , UK. Solange was bred to GrCh & RW SGC Amazolou Mr Brightside (shaded silver SRL). Kittens were born May 9, 2014. Please check out Sarah’s website for photos of sire Softee and the kittens.

(Photos: Solange at 7 months, 4 months, and with her parents)
Solange on hot pink

Solange on black

Kokomo, Solange & Beyonce collage