Links and Information

SusensCats – Pedigrees
SusensCats Handout on cat foods
SusensCats Cat-Sales-Contract (PDF) , Cat-Sales-Contract (Word Doc)
SusensCats “Your new kitten” handout

TICA – The International Cat Association
TICA Selkirk Rex (shorthair) breed profile / (longhair) breed profile, and breed standard (PDF)
TICA show calendar

CFA – Cat Fanciers Association
CFA Selkirk Rex breed profile, and breed standard (PDF)
CFA show calendar

Other breeders we work with:
Purrceptive British Shorthair / Selkirk Rex / Scottish Fold
Kittikat Selkirk Rex
Dramatails Selkirk Rex
MakinWaves Selkirk Rex
McCurls Selkirk Rex (facebook group)
MainFolds British Shorthair / Scottish Folds (facebook group)
Boucles Selkirk Rex
Rivium British Shorthair/Longhair
Cattery von Grigoleit




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