Momo’s visit March 2014

TGC Lamancha Kokomo of Makinwaves, “Momo”, was up visiting from San Diego in March and April. He entertained Dramatails Mystic River, Mushu” for a repeat of their 2012 litter which produced several outstanding kittens including SGC Dramatails I AM Legend and Dramatails Jumanji, ” Twiggy” a choc nstd. Kittens due early May.

He was also bred to Beyonce and those kittens are due mid May. This is a repeat of the litter which produced Solange.

I took Momo, his sister Smitten, and his daughter Twiggy for scannning in April.This was Momo’s second scan and all 3 are neg for HCM.

Momo hasn’t been shown in a couple of years but while here I was able to show him at the Wine Country Cat Club Show, Ione CA and the Silver Cats Show in Carson City Nevada. Against very stiff compettion ( up against # 1 TICA SR IW SGC Kitti Kat Balcones Fault , and his son from Mushu SGC Dramatails I Am Legend) he took enough finals to become TGC. Thanks to Jay Bangle for an AB Best CAT and Kitti Ruttan for AB 2nd. With a couple more shows coming up he should Supreme. He really is a special cat – 13.5 pounds of soft curls with a very sweet personality.

Solange Feb 2014

Solange in the UKSolange safely made her way to co-owner Sarah Walker (Boucles Selkirk Rex) in the UK.  She accompanied Pete and Kitti Ruttan via plane to Paris, then by train To Amsterdam and Germany. Sarah picked her up at a show in Germany and then on to the UK via car. Many thanks to Kitti for taking her for us.  She will be shown at UK/EU shows and bred to one (or more) of Sarah’s wonderful SRL males. Sarah notes she has settled in well and is getting along with her other cats including the famous “Schmoo”. Shown here checking out the new view.

Santa Rosa CFA Show Feb 8-9 2014

Showed Smitten’s tabby & white neuter, “Spats” and Beyonce’s lilac male, “Prince”  in HHP class at the Santa Rosa CFA show Feb 8-9 2014. There were 22 HHP (mostly vetern showers) and both kittens won Best HHP in one ring. ” Spats” finaled in all six rings and “Prince” in 5/6 rings entered. “Prince found a home with Bruce from Fremont and will be shown as a BL in TICA starting at the up coming Monterey show Feb 22-23. All judges commented on their great condition and friendly personalities. “Spats” is still looking for his forever home. I will also be showing TeddyBear the golden BL at Monterey.

HCM scans Jan 24 2014

Both Beyonce and Rachel underwent their first HCM scans today with Lori Siemens, DVM, DACVM. Both are negative at this time. Rachels’s litter sister “Quinn” owned by Donna M. was cleared for breeding also.

Kittens – Jan 2014

Smitten’s kittens:

Three of Smitten’s kittens went to Jazzy Cats on Jan 4-5 where the 2 remaining females found  wonderful new homes. Diana Starr of took these photos at the show. They handled the show hall activity well. The remaining brown tabby with white neuter could make a nice starter HHP show kitten, or just a very sweet companion for some lucky person.

SR nstd black tabby with white neuter Jan 5 2014

Beyonce’s kittens:

Beyonce’s two longhaired males also went to the Jazzy Cats Show.  Diana took these photos of them. Both  handled the bustling activity and many admirers with ease. They were evaluated by several judges and other Brit breeders for show potential and it was felt at this stage both look promising. I will be showing them until they find the right homes. Both carry chocolate and would be nice additions to a chocolate or golden British or Selkirk Rex breeding program. Their sire “Little Bear” looks set to finish as a RW again this show year. “Little Bear” is also the sire of the past two season’s top winning SR in TICA,  IW SGC Kitti Kat Balcones Fault. All the kittens have sweet affectionate personalities