Momo’s visit March 2014

TGC Lamancha Kokomo of Makinwaves, “Momo”, was up visiting from San Diego in March and April. He entertained Dramatails Mystic River, Mushu” for a repeat of their 2012 litter which produced several outstanding kittens including SGC Dramatails I AM Legend and Dramatails Jumanji, ” Twiggy” a choc nstd. Kittens due early May.

He was also bred to Beyonce and those kittens are due mid May. This is a repeat of the litter which produced Solange.

I took Momo, his sister Smitten, and his daughter Twiggy for scannning in April.This was Momo’s second scan and all 3 are neg for HCM.

Momo hasn’t been shown in a couple of years but while here I was able to show him at the Wine Country Cat Club Show, Ione CA and the Silver Cats Show in Carson City Nevada. Against very stiff compettion ( up against # 1 TICA SR IW SGC Kitti Kat Balcones Fault , and his son from Mushu SGC Dramatails I Am Legend) he took enough finals to become TGC. Thanks to Jay Bangle for an AB Best CAT and Kitti Ruttan for AB 2nd. With a couple more shows coming up he should Supreme. He really is a special cat – 13.5 pounds of soft curls with a very sweet personality.